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The actress added that by the grace of God, someone in America found her a job in a restaurant perhaps banku selling.

While in America, several of her former Kumawood actresses and actors recorded and photographed her.

They transmitted these photographs and films to Ghana, where they complain about her new work and how it doesn’t fit her. According to Kyeiwaa, these actors and actresses sit on TV and radio and criticize her work.

Actress Kyeiwaa says people should stop slandering her since they don’t know how much she was paid in Ghana.

She added that the money she earned as an actor was not comparable to what she earns today in America. Her own people rejected her, alleging she had offended several filmmakers, and she was not cast in films for approximately five years.

According to her, the only producer who said she never offended any producer was Ninja.

Kyeiwaa said that her peers thought she shouldn’t be cast in films since her heyday as an actor had gone. So it angered her that the same individuals mocked her work in America.

This is what Kyeiwaa said in the video, “I would have been dead if I still lived in Ghana. Stop gossiping about me working in a restaurant in America. If I prepare banku and sell what is your problem about it. How were you treating me when I was acting with you. Getting a restaurant job to do in Ghana is not easy. Stop saying necessary things about me and let me live my life in peace”.



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