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Award-winning Ghanaian songstress, Efya has opened up on her aspirations and dreams pertaining to her music career.

According to Efya, her goal is to win the Grammy and she is working towards achieving it, and wants to become a super legend.

Speaking on a Twitter Space, the award-winning singer and songwriter said she is preparing herself to attain all the heights she hasn’t reached yet.

Anything that has slowed me down has either taught me or made me learn the things that I need to be better at this thing that I’m doing. And I’m determined to be the greatest ever, regardless of how much of a legend I am right now. I want to be a super legend. So even at this time, I feel like I’m in my curb. I’m going to go harder than ever.”

“I’m doubling up to go into the BET, to go into the Grammys… to go into all the other places that I haven’t reached yet.”

However, a fellow musician, Archipalago, interjected Efya and asked her if it’s intentional that she has not been releasing a lot of songs recently, or is it that she is slowing down instead.

The vocal powerhouse replied that that is rather the contrary.

“It’s not like I’ve slowed down… I haven’t dropped music in a year and a half but in between that time, I have done 30 plus collaborations. Last year, I performed at over 25 shows. The work still goes on.”

She pointed out that her past laurels do not mean she is “stopping” but rather, “it means that I’m going harder.”

Efya entreated Ghanaian artistes to support themselves and also lend a hand to upcoming musicians in the country as that is the surest way for the music industry to flourish.

“The reason why we are in this space is to let every Ghanaian artiste know that the only way we can go forward is by supporting each other. There are things that some of you people know that if you taught other artistes, it will help them get established.”

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