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‘I LOVE YOU DOESN’T MEAN ‘I’LL MARRY YOU’ – Avram Ben Moshe Advises GH ladies

The  founder of Common Sense Family, Avram Ben Moshe has urged Ghanaian ladies to stop building their hopes on every “I love you” that comes from a man to them as as an assurance of marriage.

Avram Moshe who was a gust on the recently aired episode of ‘In Bed with Adwen’ on eTV Ghana bemoaned how most women enter into relationships with the expectation of getting married which is wrong.

He noted that women must date with the intent to know how the man is and any intent aside from that will only lead to a broken heart.

“After dating, a man must propose but in Africa, when a man says he loves a girl, it means he wants to marry her so the lady will just pack her belongings and move in with the man. I love you does not mean I will marry you. ‘I love you’ possibly means he just wants to have s3kx with you”, he said.

Avram concluded that men go in for women for s3kx and women accept men so that they can take care of them, hence, any man who fails to provide for his girlfriend is a fool.

Watch the video below;


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