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‘WE BOTH DATE MEN FOR MONEY’ – Moesha Tells Lawyer Sandra As She Apologises To Her

Moesha Boduong has apologised to a certain Sandra over some things she might have said about her in the past which may not be true.

Repented Moesha who is now an evangelist made some revelations about a Ghanaian Lawyer whilst trying to apologise to her. Commenting on one of Sandra’s post on instagram, Moesha revealed that she has once accused Sandra of dating some who was into drugs and in jail.

She wrote:

“Sandra I’m very sorry for telling people that you had a boyfriend that was in jail for drugs and I also heard it from people and I never said it to make you look bad, everyone talks about everyone in our industry. I know you’ve also spoken about me and laughed at my fake designers”.

Moesha also prophesied into Sandra’s life as she also mentioned that “I know you love me because God brought you into my life and you will marry my uncle and you two will love each other.

“No one will ever cheat on their partners and I will pray for God to protect your marriage and God will provide for you and my uncle,” she added.

She also added she will support Sandra because both of them have one thing in common, which is dating men for money.

You will go back to being a lawyer and you will defend prisoners and I will take people out of jail with the help of God Almighty and I will help many prostitutes to find a job and they will love us because we both date men for money and I will defend you because you are my in-law, she concluded.


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