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“THEY ALL WANT A TASTE” – Shugatiti Reveals Why She Stopped Going To Church

Ghanaian actress, nud!st, and video vixen, Abena Serwaa Frimpong, popularly Shugatiti has disclosed that she stopped going to church 7 years ago.

In a chat with Pulse Ghana monitored by, Shugatiti lamented the perverse ways of some church workers, unlike other secular places that she knew of.

She explained that whenever she goes to church, the pastors, instrumentalists, and virtually every man in the church wanted to sleep with her.

Shugatiti went on to state that there was too much favoritism going on in the church and she disliked that. Shuga explained by saying that those who contributed towards church projects were seen as “kings” while those who did not have money to support the church were looked down upon.

“If you go there [church], the instrumentalists want to sleep with you, the pastor wants to sleep with you, everybody wants to sleep with you,” Shugatiti noted.


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