Mother of Ghanaian music sensation and rapper, Yaw Tog has disclosed that Yaw Tog’s rise to fame is a prophecy fulfilled.

    According to Yaw Tog’s mother in a report by, she was confident about her son becoming a star since his childhood after she had gotten a prophecy that her son would become a great person in the country.

    The prophecy according to her was revealed to her about a decade ago but did not know the prophecy was going to be fulfilled through music as her son never showed signs of becoming a musician.

    According to Joyce Mensah, the teen rapper has a passion for playing football when he was younger – so much that she had to hide his boots sometimes to prevent him from playing.

    Speaking on Joy Prime’s E-Vibes, Joyce said she was worried if that would come to pass because of where they lived then.

    “He used to play football and was even a champion. But I’ve never liked the neighborhood where he used to play. I was terrified because I had heard that raising a boy child as a woman is difficult. Occasionally, I would hide his football boots. It came to a point where I had to take his ball away from him,” she said.

    She added that her son has always been humble as a child and even used to sing at Sunday school services.

    “During Sunday school services, he sings at times. He’s calm and submissive since he understands where we’re from. He’s been humble since he was a child.”