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ARE YOU AFRAID OF POLITICIANS? – Actress Lydia Forson Asks Ghanaian Journalists

Actress Lydia Forson has questioned Journalists in Ghana over their somewhat inability to thoroughly probe into serious political issues and question political figures on how they are governing the country.

The “A Letter From Adam” actress expressed concerns over the fact that when Journalists in the country are given the opportunity to interview politicians, they just watch them speak and fail to ask them critical questions.

She asked whether Ghanaian journalists don’t know how to ask politicians hard questions or they are just afraid to interrogate politicians.

Lydia Forson say it seems all journalists do is to give politicians free airtime and doesn’t do the needful the fourth estate of the realm.

Lydia Forson wrote on Twitter;

Is it that our journalist don’t know how to interrogate politicians or they’re just afraid?

Because it seems like all they ever do is give politicians free airtime. I mean how do you sit through them speaking so freely of the dirt they’ve participated in, and not say a word.


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