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TOGBE AFEDE SHOULD HAVE RETURNED MORE GHS360,000 EX-GRATIA – Paul Adom Otchere Insists Togbe’s Sincerity Is Not Genuine

Paul Adom-Otchere, the host of Metro TV’s “Good Evening Ghana,” has slammed the Paramount Chief of Asogli State, Tobge Afede XIV, for his insincerity.

According to him, Togbe Afede’s return of GHS350,000, which was provided to him as an ex-gratia for serving on the Council of State, was not genuine.

Adom-Otchere argued on his show that the respected chief should have paid back more than the GHS360,000 ex-gratia.

He said that Togbe Afede XIV, as a member of the Council of State, only attended 16 percent of the sessions yet received all of his wages.

“The Council of State convened 242 sessions in 48 months, and Togbe Afede XIV attended 39 [meetings], accounting for 16 percent,” Adom-Otchere remarked when examining Togbe Afede’s letter explaining why he rejected the improper ex-gratia placed into his account.

He explained, “the Council of State is paid every month and he [Togbe Afede] took all his salaries, of which he is entitled to it. In giving us the narrations, he should have stated that he was unable to attend all the meetings of the Council of State, yet he took all his salaries including his car loan, a waiver from Ghana Ports and Harbour’s Authority to import cars…the amount of monies government [took] off the loans that were paid to the Council of State members are more than the GH¢365k he is talking about, for a person who only attended 16 percent of Council of State meetings…

“If you check the Council of State transportation allowances, Togbe’s allowance were paid as of coming from Ho in the Volta region; some of the members told me that ordinarily, he lives in Accra but he said he was coming from Ho.”

“Out of 242 meetings that were held [by the Council of State], Togbe Afede, who chair’s a committee and whose meetings are few – as a chairman he was often not available – attended 16 percent of the meetings and he took every allowance…

The Paramount Chief and the Agbogbomefia, according to Adom-Otchere, must be able to repay more than GH365k of the money he has refunded.


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