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HAIRLINE NU HA ADWEN – Funny Reactions As Black Sherif Shaves His Bushy Hair – Photo

Ghanaian music sensation, Black Sherif, has become a subject of mockery on social media after he unveiled his new look in a new photo.

The ‘Second Sermon’ hitmaker has decided to shave off all his hair and that has brought him some trolling from fans.

According to netizens, his receding hairline was starting to expose him which is why he decided to go for a haircut.

“Blacko cuts Everything off,” the blogger captioned the photo.

Check out the new Blacko below…

In reaction, fans had a lot to say.

Some trolled him for his hairline whilst others said he never had much hair anyway.

“Hairline yi ha adwen oo,” one fan wrote.

Another said: “What hair did he have prior,”

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