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THE SAME SON YOU DISOWNED AFTER DNA PROVED-Asamoah Gyan Slammed After Wishing Son On His Birthday

Former black star player Asamoah Gyan was lambasted by an angry fan of him after he wished his son Frederick Gyan a happy birthday on his social media page.

Some of his fans scolded him that he is not ashamed of himself to wish his son a happy birthday after he refused to believe that Frederick Gyan was his son and had to prove it by doing a DNA test some years back.

Asamoah Gyan’s son turned 15 days a few days ago, and his footballer father showed a fake love by posting on his social media page to wish him .He shared two beautiful photos of his son and wished him a happy birthday whilst expressing his love for him.

He wrote, “That’s my big boy right there @fredrickgyan3. Somebody help me wish my son a very big happy birthday. Daddy loves you.”

One of the footballer’s  who didn’t understand what he was doing took to the comment section to ask him why he was  showing fake love after he disgraced him and the mother with a DNA test two years ago. responded, “The same son u said he wasn’t ur own until a DNA proved otherwise?”

A few years ago, former Black Stars player, Asamoah Gyan brought out his family issues on his social media platform and requested for a divorce from the court because his wife cheated on him and he is very much sure that the three kids they produced doesn’t belong to the DNA was done and it was proved that the kids are his, but still he went ahead to divorce his wife, Gifty.

Now it has been known that Gifty is currently living in the UK with his children whilst Asamoah Gyan is in Ghana playing for Legon Cities Football Club.

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