Actress Ingrid Alabi, one of the victims of the alleged food poisoning controversy surrounding Marwako Restaurant has spoken out.

As we reported earlier, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), has announced that East Legon branch of Marwako restaurant has been closed down following widespread reports of food poisoning on social media.

The FDA made the announcement via their official Twitter page. The move to close down the restaurant is to enable the Authority conduct investigations into the complaints of countless food poisoning incidents from customers.

In an exclusive interview with Ghanaian movie star, Ingrid Alabi, one of the customers who was hospitalized due to the alleged food poisoning on phone, she said she ordered food from Marwako Restaurant on Sunday, May 9 for herself and her brother and they ate it together in the evening.

Later in the night, her brother came to her room crying and groaning with complains of stomach ache.

The mother of one claimed her brother vomited blood and had a running stomach that persisted for hours.

A few hours after, her stomach started to ache her and she passed a lot of fluid from her system and that made her weak.

According to Ingrid, the pain was very excruciating and as terrified as they were, they rushed to the hospital, Prospect Health Services located at East Legon Hills where they were hospitalized for three days.

She added that the doctor run some tests on them and diagnosed that their blood had been contaminated with bacteria and other poisonous elements and it is as a result of the food they ate.

Ingrid Alabi described the experience as a terrible one as she visited the washroom 17 times and she expressed gratitude to God for saving her life and that of her brother.

She, however, established that this is not the first time she has patronized Marwako Restaurant’s food as she has been buying their food once in a while.

When asked about the way forward now following her life-threatening encounter, the woman said she will will take legal action against Marwako Restaurant as her lawyer will write to the management of the eatery soon.

Ingrid Alabi said she and her brother is still recuperating and are in a better condition now although she still feels some pains in her tummy.

Source: Exclusive