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To those who are uninformed of our KIA initiative, terrorists may simply penetrate Ghana.

A Private Jet Terminal being built at Ghana Airport without the government’s knowledge implies that Ghana might be invaded, according to Mr. Daniel McKorley McDan.

This is according to McDan’s spokesman, Mr Jeffery Tetteh, who appeared on 505 on Class91.3FM on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

On the other hand, McDan Aviation and Yaw Kwakwaled Ghana Airport Company Limited are fighting over the latter’s establishment of a Private Jet Terminal.

Not being part in the process means there is no assurance of safety standards. The McDan spokesman responded as follows:

It informs you and me that there is a risk of terrorist activities happening in the airport and they wouldn’t know.

“We noticed letters circulating before the program suggesting Dr. McKorley and his private jet terminal had violated aviation laws…. It startled us since the terminal has been under construction for months and I am astonished the Ghana Airport Company Limited officials say they were unaware of the developments”. He said.

This businessman has been working on creating this private jet terminal for some time, and they say they were unaware of his efforts until the day the terminal was launched?

“This surprises me, but we won’t fight the government over this, we won’t create a fuss, all we’re saying is that we’ll wait for the government’s decision, from the minister of aviation, and then we’ll move from there,” he continued.


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