“WHAT IF THIEF DEY CHASE ME” – Medikal Laments Over The Sim Card Re-Registration Voice Note Played Before All Calls Go Through


    Ghanaians have been urged to re-register their mobile sim cards with their Ghana Cards by the Ministry of Communication and Digitalization.

    According to the ministry, the process was scheduled to last for a certain amount of time and terminate on March 31st, 2022, but the deadline has been extended to July 31st, 2022 to allow all Ghanaians to re-register their SIM cards because they have been given enough time.

    When making local calls after the period for sim registration has been extended, a few seconds will be taken out to remind you to go register your SIM CARD.

    He wrote; That register your SIM card voice note dem de play before the call de go through de bore rough! What if thieves de chase me?