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Ghanaian journalist cum media personality MzGee has revealed her challenges working in multimedia and her colleagues who were working against her progress in the media.

The media personality disclosed that her co-worker, Doreen Avio together with others were trying to pull down her progress in the media.

MzGee continued that Doreen Avio and her gang doesn’t understand how she was making it fast in the media so they joined hands to pull her down.

She added her colleague Doreen Avio has apologized to her for her wrong actions towards her during their time working together at the multimedia.

In her own word, “The beauty about it is that after a while we all had reflections, I think Doreen Avio has reflected and has come to apologize. She wasn’t the only one(who has issues with me because I was flourishing). They were many but she has had reflections and I appreciate that about her. She reflected and she came with Kwame B who is a friend to us both to say openly that she is sorry if she had done something in the past (that hurt me),”.

He added that “When you meet people on the job and they are flourishing than you think you are, it is good when you sing their praises as well so that God will also open doors for you. Because they felt I was a newbie at Multimedia, they felt I was given an undue advantage even though I had come to meet themes they wouldn’t allow me to flourish more than them. It was a cabal. It wasn’t just one person”.


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