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Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the founder of Action Chapel International, warned against complacency in maintaining Ghana’s present calm.

A sermon on February 27, 2022, he urged lawmakers and security officials to pay heed to the “signs on the wall” and not “dare” or “ignore” them.

In his second speech, the Archbishop used the present Russia-Ukraine war to illustrate how future events always cast shadows, but only for those who seek for them and act.

This battle in Ukraine and Europe did not come overnight; the indications were on the wall, and if you read history closely, you will notice the signals on the wall.

“But, for whatever reason, individuals get comfortable, lose the will to fight, and become self-absorbed and secure. that they disregard others’ needs.

“We must wake up for Ghana – this nation, because there are signs on the wall; there are indicators,” he said. ‘A blast of wind precedes a downpour’, says a Twi tale.

“… I hope we don’t miss the indications. I hope the church and our politicians don’t miss the indications. “I hope that we rise to the occasion and reverse the indications on the wall,” he said.

„‘Beware when they proclaim ‘peace, peace’, because unexpected disaster like a woman in labor comes. Beware. We’ve never had war in Ghana. ASK LIBERIANS AND SIMILANEANS Ask Ethiopians or Africans about war.

His remarks came amid increased talk of sub-regional coups and the prospect of one in Ghana.


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