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ALL YOUR MONEY CAN’T BUY THIS – Bulldog & Deportee Slam Shatta Wale Over Burna Boy & DJ Khaled Meeting

It appears that the videos and images of Burna Boy, a musician from Nigeria, collaborating with DJ Khaled, an American music icon, are wreaking havoc in our own business.

This can be inferred from a ferocious message from the late Deportee of the SM, which we previously provided.

Furthering the same theme, Burna Boy and DJ Khaled’s encounter was used by Bulldog to criticize the SM leader for being resentful when others are succeeding him. Bulldog has handled Shatta Wale on two separate occasions.

Bulldog, actual name Lawrence Asiamah Hanson, who also works as a pundit for entertainment, reminded Wale that such prospects in his career cannot be made possible by his financial resources.

He captioned his post thus; “Charles Nil Armah Mensah all your money cannot buy this right here.

I know your time will come but until then, honour those who honour you, it brings more blessings and supernatural growth.

Stop being bitter… be happy for everyone. You’re blessed. Be content. And more will follow.”

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