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AM I YOUR GIRLFRIEND?”- Delay Asks Amerado On Her Show, Check Out His Response

Kumasi-born rapper, Amerado was put in a difficult situation on Deloris Frimpong Manso’s show, a contentious television host and businesswoman also known as Delay.

Amerado, a rapper whose album will be formally launched this Sunday, appeared on Delay’s program for an exclusive interview.

The radio and television host posted a clip of a conversation she had with Amerado regarding their connection on her page.

On social media, there have been rumors of an affair between Delay and Amerado for a while now.

This allegation started when the two were frequently spotted holding hands and acting romantically.

Amerado has appeared in a number of videos in the Delay home, either having fun or preparing food together in the kitchen.

Numerous conversations have resulted from this.

The single woman who does not shy away by putting her private relationship status on social media requested Amerado to respond publicly to rumors that they were having an affair in the new interview, which was seen on her Instagram page.

They said, ‘I’m your girlfriend. How true is that? ” -Delay asked.

Amerado who intended to swerve the question said, “Then we both have to answer this question,” Amerado begged.

Responding to the question after a little pressure from Delay, Amerado said, “I DO NOT want to talk about it!”

Watch the video below;

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