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Black Sherif’s repentance is the only thing that will console the distraught father of his ex-SHS girlfriend, Clementina And he stated he wanted to discover what Black Sherif’s true relationship to his deceased daughter was. Mr. Clement Kofi Adu Bofuor claims that like many other people, he wants to know why Black Sherif paid money to use his daughter’s name in a song. Clementina’s father reportedly disclosed his intentions to deal with Black Sherif to a video blogger named Abro in Kumasi, Ghana, if the latter is unable to give plausible justifications for his actions surrounding Clementina’s memory. “I am human. If he gives a sensible explanation, I’ll consider it. After all, we are all humans. But if it doesn’t make sense, I’ll put him through whatever he deserves because my daughter was underage,” he fumed. As a reminder, the song “Oh Paradise” from Black Sherif’s album “The Villian I Never Was” was written just for Clementina and no one else. The song was about how her death affected him for the rest of his life because she was his “unforgettable first love.” He was nearly in tears while listening to Black Sherif’s CD and thinking about the meaning of the song. Watch the interview full video below:
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