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Maurice Ampaw, a private attorney, has urged women to be assertive when asking their spouses for money and favors.

He said on GTV’s Breakfast Show that men like to spend money on the women they adore, adding that if wives do not demand more from their husbands, the men will start paying attention to “side chicks.”

Maurice Ampaw asserted that there are occasions where women enable their men to present invalid checks as part of their bride price, underscoring the reason why women shouldn’t try to free men from their responsibilities.

This, he described, as a disrespectful gesture.

According to him, men place value on who they spend on.

“You see, we have situations whereby when a woman is going to marry, some of them allow men to sign fake cheques to be given to the family. When you allow that man that space, they will disregard the marriage because you see, we value a woman, our wife when we spend more on them. When men spend on you then they begin to love you. I can tell you our love is based on how much we have invested in you.”

Ampaw added, “That is why a man can be crazy about his side chick because he is spending much on a side chick than the wife”.

To back his assertions, the outspoken lawyer spoke about how he practised what he preached with his late wife.

Maurice Ampaw said claimed that in order to avoid the temptation to spend recklessly on other women while on long trips, he frequently left a sizable sum of money with his wife.

In his words, “I can remember when my wife was alive, what I do is that if I have 1000 cedis on me and I tell my wife I’m going to Kumasi, I will come and tell my wife that I have 1000, keep 700 cedis for me at home because I know that, that 300 cedis I’d return with nothing because I’d go and use it for chilling and show. And once there’s a girl around and says ‘oh Ampaw can you buy me pizza’, the temptation is that I’d end up buying the pizza.”

“So if I spend the GHC300, whiles coming back home, I know that the woman – if she has spent at all, maybe GHC200 or GHC300, I’d have GHC400. So normally when you invest in your wife, you take good care of your wife, you treat your house with respect.”

He advised men to shift their attention from other women to their wives by providing and investing in their needs.

“Give your wife quality enjoyment and your love will develop.”
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