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She is known for her racy pictures so when she posted images of herself well covered up on social media recently, many were those who believed the lifestyle of actress, Efia Odo, has changed.

Well, those harbouring such thoughts should have a rethink because that is not happening.

Efia Odo, who is currently a co-host on Head Start and The Arena on Kwese Free Sports says she has no plans to change anything about her style.

“ My new pictures don’t mean anything. They do not mean I have changed or regret anything about myself. I host a TV show now and the thing is, I cannot wear bikinis to the office so I take photos in what I wear to work”, she told Showbiz on Tuesday.

According to her, covering up in her pictures does not mean she has become a different person, “It is interesting ohh, please I have not changed. There is nothing to change about me, I am still the bubbly and I -don’t-care- kind of person.

It is normal for people to expect that I take on some kind on rebranding just because I have taken up a new role as a TV host but no, I’m still me. The same old Efia Odo,” she added.

However, while Efia Odo, real name Andrea Owusu, insists she will not swap her lifestyle for any other, she has taken a second look at her relationship with her Maker after the death of her friend Ebony Reigns, who passed on through a gory accident in February,

“If there is anything that has stirred some change in me then it is the death of Ebony.

Her demise has brought me closer to God, my prayer life has intensified. Her death got me thinking and asking myself a lot of questions since I don’t not know when I will also be called to eternity.

“ I questioned my relationship with my fellow human beings and I asked myself, does it mirror the love the Bible preaches about?

How is my forgiving nature like?

How many times do I involve God in the things I do?

Where will I go after this life among others?

“I asked all these questions and I decided to do better in my relationship with others, be happy, and apologize when I go wrong. It’s in this spirit that I publicly apologized to actress, Fella Makafui when I threw shades at her.”

Efia disclosed she is happy with where she is now in her life, “I love what I am doing right now at Kwese TV.

I don’t have any formal training in hosting a TV show but I enjoy what I do. I had to learn on the job and the team has also been amazing.”

Born in Ghana, she left for the United States at the age of five until she returned to the country a couple of years ago to pursue her passion for acting.

Efia, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Nyack University in the US says her ultimate goal is to take her career beyond the shores of Africa.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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