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Wednesday March 13, 2019 was exactly 5 years since the shocking demise of Fennec Okyere, who was a Businessman and former manager of Rapper Kwaw Kese.

Remembering his late manager, Rapper Kwaw Kese has asked the Ghana Police Service to stop apprehending marijuana (wee) smokers and concentrate on necessary matters that deserve the attention of the Police, like finding the killers of his former Manager, the late Fennec Okyere.

In an interview on Neat FM’s ‘Entertainment Ghana’ programme on Wednesday, Kwaw Kese wondered why in the 21st Century; Police in Ghana still arrests people who indulge in either the smoking or cultivation of marijuana or cannabis, when there are several murderers out there walking freely.

“Ghana Police is not reliable. The other time I was on my way to an interview and was I even late. I saw the Police behind me, I stopped and they said they wanted to search for weed in my car, after they arrested and jailed me in Kumasi, they are still not satisfied. Meanwhile my manager Fennec Okyere has been murdered mysteriously and the Police are not even serious about investigating his case and finding the killers,” he lamented.

The “Yakubu” Rapper added that “It is so painful that, we are in Ghana and we refuse to pay attention to relevant issues and we rather concentrate on needless things. Head of institutions who are supposed to concentrate on more important things are rather doing the opposite.”

Kwaw Kese, speaking to host Kwame Adjetia, asked the Police to cease these unnecessary acts and focus their attention on “conducting investigations when matters arise. That’s what is important.”

The rapper, who has still not recovered from the ghastly murder of his late Manager, also took to social media to remember him.

He posted the late Fennec Okyere’s picture with this caption: “You’ll never be forgotten #rip Fennec #itsbeen5years”.

Fennec Okyere was killed at his Manet Gardens residence on the Spintex Road in Accra on Thursday, March 13, 2014, by unknown assailants. He died at age 31.

Bulldog was arrested by the Police Criminal Investigative Department (CID) on Thursday, April 10, 2014, as prime suspect in the murder of Fennec, because had allegedly threatened to kill Fennec.

However, an Accra Central District Court in January 2018 set Bulldog free from allegations of murder.


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