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Veteran Ghanaian movie producer, Socrate Safo is urging celebrities in the creative arts industry to actively engage in politics instead of shying away from it.

He believes that these industry players have avoided politics for too long, allowing other professions like law and medicine to dominate, which isn’t beneficial for their industry.

As a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the veteran movie producer emphasized the importance of celebrities taking a more active role in politics, especially when it comes to advancing developmental projects within the creative arts sector.

“If you won’t vote, that is an irresponsibility on you as a citizen. You must participate in who controls the affairs of the country. So when I see any creative person shying from politics I feel bad. Take a decision, go to any political party that you feel you believe in their philosophy,” he said during a panel discussion on United Showbiz which was monitored by GhanaWeb.

Socrate Safo also dismissed the notion that political victimization is the primary obstacle preventing celebrities from participating in politics to safeguard their careers.

“Somebody like Bullgod sometimes goes someway but we are friends. If I see that people are going to attack Bullgod I won’t sit back, I will go and protect him likewise he too will do for me. We are not enemies, we have idiots in politics but politics is not for idiots. Everybody must have the freedom to join politics nobody will harm anybody.

“I always say that what Mr. Beautiful saying ‘that he was denied roles due to politics’ was an agenda because John Dumelo is doing politics yet he acts all the time. Artistes must come out, it’s about time we take charge of politics in Ghana. We’ve left it for lawyers, doctors, and other professions for too long and shying from it. Because to be whoever you are, a pastor, doctor, or lawyer if you don’t have that creative talent, you cannot perform,” said Socrate Safo on the show hosted by MzGee.

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