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Ghana has been ranked as the 5th best-governed country on the African continent and the best-governed country in the whole of West Africa by World Economics, a United Kingdom (UK) based research organisation.

The good governance ranking according to World Economics, is assessed through four main indexes. The indexes are; corruption perception, rule of law, press freedom, and political rights. The governance index as set by World Economics, gives equal weight to all four criteria set by the researchers.

According to the World Economics ranking data published on its website,, Mauritius with a grade of B, had an index of 69.3 taking the first position on the African continent as the best governed nation.

Ghana also with a grade of B, and with an index of 61.7, secured the 5th position ahead of Senegal, the closest West African counterpart ranks 6th with a grade of C and an index of 53.6.

Namibia is ranked 2nd with a grade of B and an index of 69.1. South Africa is ranked 3rd with a grade of B and an index score of 65.5 and Botswana is placed 4th ahead of Ghana with a grade of B and an index of 65.1.

At the bottom of the ranking is Libya with a grade of E and an index of 15.4. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) comes ahead of Libya also with grade E and an index of 21.6 and Chad is placed ahead of DRC with an index of 23.2.

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