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Shatta Movement Boss, Shatta Wale has landed into a hot troll pit after telling Dr Osei Kwame Despite to sack Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown in a fest trending video.

In the video, controversial and troublesome Shatta Wale opined that Nana Ama Mcbrown doesn’t deserve to host UTV’s late-night entertainment show because she has no knowledge about journalism and TV presenting.

As suggested by Shatta Wale, it will be prudent if Despite sacks Mcbrown and employ her with a young graduate who has fresh and modern knowledge about TV presenting.

Meanwhile, this same Shatta Wale who is calling for the sack of Mcbrown was the same person who eulogized the movie icon and described her as his godmother during his appearance on the same show she hosts which he claims lacks professionalism.

Fans of the actress plus some Ghanaians on the internet who have come across Shatta Wale’s unnecessary fiery attack on Mcbrown have taken it upon themselves to fight for the actress because they know she won’t pay attention to Shatta Wale’s ill comments.

The comments section of the video is filled with heavy insults hurled at Shatta Wale for his assumed ‘jealousy’ and attempt to render Mcbrown jobless.

I’m sure Shatta Wale has regretted making such thoughtless comments about Mcbrown wherever he is at the moment because he’s being grilled like Christmas guinea fowl on social media.

Below are some of the popular comments gathered under the video all blasting Shatta Wale;

Nana Appiah – We sincerely apologize to the general public for this very act of nuisance. The person who did this video is one of our psychiatric patients who escaped last night. We urge the public to go about your various business as everything is under control. Thanks for your understanding…God bless you & pray for Shatta Walle

Blessing Naana Ansah – Senkyira – What music school did shata wale attend?. If he believes in talent, then he should understand people like McBroom also have talents

Alexander Nyamekye Baidoo – You’re the same person who went to her show and gave her phone. Anaa you want to go for your phone back?

Gadufia Shadrack – Like joke like joke this guy madness is becoming serious oo they need to check him before it’s too late oo hmm

Agyenim Boateng – Wisdom has eroded Shatta Wale. Macbrown, forgive him, for he doesn’t know what he is doing. We will soon visit him at the psychiatric hospital if does not change.

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