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‘HOW? NO!’ – Nikki Samonas Dismisses Claims of Ghana Movie Industry Being Slowed

Nikki Samonas, the award-winning Ghanaian actress, expressed her belief that the Ghanaian movie industry has made significant strides compared to previous years.

She attributed this positive transformation to the increased investment in the industry by corporate organizations, which has elevated its visibility and activity within the country.

Nikki Samonas acknowledged that the movie sector experienced a slowdown during the COVID-19 pandemic when it received little to no support or investment due to the challenging circumstances at that time.

During an interview with JoyNews, she highlighted that financial backing from entities like Akwaaba Magic and others that have joined in supporting the industry has contributed to its progress.

“How? No! Since when? Right now it’s up I mean it dipped really hard after COVID-19. It [Ghana movie industry] went really down because it was difficult to come back.

“But now because of corporate investments and investors, especially Akwaaba Magic and a lot of cooperate investors coming on board. Now we are used to the digitization way of marketing movies, so, I think that it has picked up tremendously,” she said.

Furthermore, Nikki Samonas pointed out that the music industry in Ghana appears to be ahead of the movie industry, mainly because of the consistent release of songs in comparison to the production of films.

“Music is noisy, it is everywhere and the movie is not as loud as music. So movies flow like water and the music is fire or fire, that’s how I see it.

“So obviously people are going to know more about music. Movies come once in a while but music is constant so I think that is why it is like that,” Nikki Samonas stated.

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