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Famed Ghanaian actor, Salinko has revealed that his wife, whom he wed in 2017, filed for divorce.

The actor admitted that the divorce severely affected him and almost drove him insane.

Salinko revealed in an interview with Poleenu Multimedia that his wife had told him she was tired of the marriage and that his daughter’s father had also confirmed that she was no more excited about their union

Salinko asserted that his wife had not leveled any complaints against him and refuted any claims of abuse. He went on to say that the divorce had a severe influence on his mental health and made it difficult for him to concentrate at work.

The actor said that by listening to motivational messages, he was able to get through the grief of the divorce.

“Madam just said that she is fed up, we went to the father and the father also said he can see the daughter is fed up; no one maltreated her or did anything to her. So it is something that happens.

“I nearly went mad my brother, but I had to manage because initially when I go to the market to sell, I can sit there for a while until someone prompts me before I become conscious of myself. It is something that I realize happens from motivational messages. Yes, a lady can tell you that she is fed up without any reason,” he said.

Salinko is known for his comic roles. He has starred in several Kumawood Movies and TV series including the popular ‘Boys Abre’.

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