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“I AM SOO ASHAMED” – Nana Aba Anamoah Gives Up On Helping People, After Man She Helped Stole From His Boss

Award-winning Ghanaian media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah, has admitted public that she is ashamed, after someone she helped to secure a job paid her back with disgrace, disappoint and ingratitude.

The charismatic journalist has served a notice that she may be giving up on her benevolence activities especially on social media. This comes after it emerged that a young man the journalist helped to secure a job, ended up disgracing her by stealing from his boss.

Nana Aba Anamoah shared a screenshot of a conversation between herself and the disappointed boss who complained bitterly about the behaviour of the unnamed gentleman. According to the boss, he employed the young on the recommendation of Nana Aba despite not having a vacancy. He further revealed that the young man was making GHC4,500 after tax from his job but went ahead to steal a colossal amount of about GHC100,000.00 from him with the connivance of some two other persons.

“The gentleman you made me recruit from your Twitter dm has been stealing from me. He teamed up with two of his colleagues and stole close to 100K from my business. Despite the lack of vacancy, recruited this guy because you sounded emotional about his situation on the phone. For someone earning 4,500 net, I expected him to be focused to make you & his mum proud. This is unacceptable. love you but got him & his colleagues arrested this morning,” the business owner told Nana Aba in their chat.

Expressing her disappointment in hearing the news, Nana Aba in her Facebook post wrote, “I’m so ashamed. This is unfair to me. I don’t deserve this. I am so done!”

The journalist over the years has secured help for many people who have reached out to her through social media. This includes some individuals who have shared with her their plight and their need for a job as a means of survival.

There are several testimonies of individuals who have received help or gained employment through Nana Aba’s network. Some people who have reacted to Nana Aba’s post have urged the journalist not to give up while others have also pointed out that the gentleman’s behaviour stands to jeopardize other people’s opportunity to receive her assistance.

“I don’t know you but ur (your) good heart doesn’t have to end here per what u (you) have been doing for people. This is just one among many, there are others who have made u (you) n (and) their mum proud, they have not disgraced you. Keep on doing what you do best Nana, God above is still watching it, we as humans have erred on several different instances but God didn’t say ” He is done with us”, I know u r pained but let it go. There are still people out who genuine people still looking for help,” Isaac Nyamaa Boadi commented on her post.

“You will definitely be ashamed. After helping such a person and he rather goes to disgrace you, every human being who has a conscience will be ashamed. He’s blocked the chances of others who are genuinely good,” Edna Yaa Akomaa also wrote.

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