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Former University of Cape Coast (UCC) student, Abena Korkor Addo, who stirred up the hornet’s nest over the weekend by naming certain high-profile individuals in the country who have sampled her nether part, and how much each of them paid, has finally opened up on the issue.

In yet another revealing post on social media (Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp), Abena Korkor claims she suffered a “relapse” over the weekend, leading to her rather shocking and inexcusable write-ups.

The troubled lady has however apologized for her actions and to all those who were scandalized by her Facebook posts.

“I apologize if I hurt anyone. God be our strength,” she indicated on her WhatsAppstatus on Sunday, whiles further expressing gratitude as well to all for the show of support.

“I am well. Thanks for the support. God bless us all,” she added.

Barely 24 hours after that apology, she then took to her Instagram account to dispel some inaccurate information churned out about her. The former UCC SRC Presidential aspirant dismissed reports that she is no longer a teaching assistant at the university.

“I shall not die but live and declare to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
I have not quit as a teaching assistant, as a Mixologist nor a mental health advocate. 
I had a relapse
 I am fine now and strong

 Thanks for the support and prayers,” she posted on Instagram on Monday.

Abena, it would be recalled, courted controversy after her naked videos and images went viral on social media in February 2015. The brilliant lady suffered stigmatization when her private videos popped up online.

In one of the videos, she was seen wearing nothing (at best a lingerie) dancing to the delight of a female friend who was doing the recording. The then SRC presidential aspirant was reported to have had some mental issues resulting in her releasing those nude visuals on social media.

Popularly known among her peers as “Lency On Fire”, Abena Korkor was believed to be confined to an unnamed mental home, amidst some spiritual exorcising in the wake of her sordid sexual lifestyle.

The shocking revelations included her alleged incarceration at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn in the United States for 18 months for drug trafficking in 2010. Her explosive list has generated lots of discussion on social media.

While some are not sparing her the flaks by slut-shaming her, others empathized with her as she is reportedly mentally unstable.

Well, having apologised for her actions after all residue of the extreme mood swing (bi-polar disorder) she exhibited is said to have faded away, it is fair and proper that we are all reminded of the famous Alexander Pope adage, ‘to err is human, to forgive divine’.

Keep well Abena Korkor.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah 

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