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Ghanaian gospel musician, Diana Hamilton has opened up about the difficult moments she and her husband faced as a result of not being able to have children.

Diana Hamilton revealed that she cried herself to sleep every night for more than 6 years before she was ultimately able to get pregnant and bear children.

During an exclusive interview on JOY Prime, Diana Hamilton said that because of what she went through, she wants women who are not able to give birth to be treated with dignity.

Diana Hamilton added that a lot of her songs were greatly influenced by the joy she experienced after becoming a mother. She now thinks that the harsh treatment and the stream of tears were worthwhile.

When the end of each month rolled around and my hopes were dashed, I would cry. You don’t weep like an unbeliever when you’re a Christian; you weep with hope.

“You’re being a hypocrite if you don’t shed a tear. It was a miracle, and I sobbed, but I believed God.

During the height of Covid, when visitors were banned and I feared for my life, I was hospitalized for about six days and nobody could tell me what was wrong.

“They ran tests, and they still can’t tell me what it is. My rate of infection was rising, and they were using every antibiotic available; but, at the peak of my anxieties, God brought about a miraculous cure.”

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