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The renowned Ghanaian comedian Kwaku Sintim-Misa, better known by his stage name KSM, has made a shocking admission about his early radio days.

In a recent interview on Citi TV, KSM shed light on his unconventional path to success in the radio industry.

He revealed that upon his return to Ghana from the United States, he saw an opportunity in the emerging private radio sector and set his sights on Vibe FM, a prominent radio station at the time.

Recalling the pivotal moment that would shape his career, KSM explained, “When I came to Ghana, at that time private radio had started coming up, and there was this radio station, Vibe FM.”

He added that he boldly approached the station and expressed his desire to host a talk show, and an appointment was arranged for him to meet Michael Cooke, the manager or owner of Vibe FM, who ultimately played a significant role in his journey.

During their meeting, Cooke inquired about KSM’s prior radio experience, and he admitted to his deceit, KSM humbly stated, “I said, ‘Oh yeah, radio?’ I am sorry to Ghanaians, but I lied. Now he knows. I told him. I was so confident.”

Despite the admission, KSM continued to recount the circumstances that led to his employment at Vibe FM.

He mentioned that the reason behind Cooke’s decision to hire him was his response to a crucial question during the interview.

KSM explained, “According to him, the reason he hired me was the answer I gave to the question he asked me regarding what I think about radio presenters and hosts, something like that, and I said, ‘There is nothing like a dull program but dull presenters.”

While reflecting on his past actions, KSM expressed remorse for the lie he told to secure the job.

He sincerely apologized to Ghanaians, stating, “I’m sorry to Ghanaians, but I lied. Now he knows. I told him. I was so confident.”

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