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I’M NOT IN COMPETITION WITH ANYONE – King Promise On Rivalry In The Music Industry

King Promise

Ghanaian Highlife musician, King Promise has made it clear that he isn’t engaged in any competition within the entertainment industry and is steadfast in his commitment to his music.

He emphasized that his primary goal is to consistently deliver his best in the realm of music, working diligently to ensure that every song he releases thrives.

This statement came in response to inquiries about the impact of his trending song ‘Terminator’ and whether it’s in competition with other artists in the industry.

During an interview with JoyPrime on Thursday, September 14, 2023, which GhanaWeb monitored, King Promise underlined that he doesn’t see himself as competing with any other artist in the music industry, but rather, he is entirely focused on bringing out the best in his own work.

It’s never been like that (challenge to come up with a new song) with me. Never ever.
From when I started it, I only went to the studio to make music that I love. I’m not in no competition with anybody, just myself and I. I try to give my best 100%,” he said.

“Nowhere near done. But yeah, like whenever I make music or drop music, the plan is to top whatever I’ve done. Do you know what I mean? So I’m like, my next song has to be bigger than the next one and the big one has to be bigger.”

He attributed the success of his ‘Terminator’ track to the impact of God in his life and appreciated his supporters for promoting the music.

“I believe I’m yet to make my best music yet, So I’m just excited. I’m very thankful, really and truly. You make the music and you love it, but the fans, the people, they make it what it becomes. It’s not up to me. It’s the grace of God and the people. So I’m just thankful, man,” said King Promise.

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