Contrary to a statement by Shatta Wale that most Hiplife artistes are poor, the originator of Hiplife music, Reggie Rockstone said he not poor.
The legendary Ghanaian Rapper said he is just not a materialistic person and that does not mean he is poor. Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale claims Reggie Rockstone is broke and has made no significant impact in the music industry.

He mocked the Hiplife legend saying he lives in his father’s house because he doesn’t have money to build his own house and further added that Reggie Rockstone is the reason some young musicians who have adopted Hiplife are suffering in the music industry.

But is it true that Reggie Rockstone is broke and has nothing to his credit?

Reggie Rockstone, in an interview with Nkonkonsa on YouTube, has rubbished the claims by Shatta Wale and any person who shares a similar belief.

The grandpapa of Hiplife shared some thought-provoking ideas why he doesn’t boast about his material things.

”What I can boast is not about material stuff because I’ve never been materialistic. From Day 1 since I set off, all you know about Reggie is his music and my little swag. My friendliness, my good nature; you know I’m open. I’m accessible. What I will brag about is that I am going down in history in my country and in Africa, I am revered. I’m respected. I’m loved by my people but most of all I have life. Some are dead and gone but I am alive. Those who claim to have money also have people with more money than them. I wasn’t born in poverty. I was raised in a pretty affluent home. My father was not a millionaire; well, some say he was but my father was very humble, extremely humble…I am not a braggart. My personality is the show”, he said.

Watch the full exclusive interview below:

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


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