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LGBTQ+: ‘EVEN DOGS DON’T DO THIS’ – Ohemaa Mercy Condemns Same Sex Marriage

Ghanaian gospel minister, Ohemaa Mercy, has vehemently opposed the practice of same sex marriage and its related LGBTQ+ matters in the country.

The well-known gospel singer expressed her thoughts on the matter in a conversation on United Showbiz on Saturday, April 8.

She made clear that the act is supported by a potent demonic spirit that completely ruins and deprives individuals of their honor.

“I was telling everybody that it is a strong spirit, it turns a graceful human being into an animal. Even a dog won’t practice same-sex; how much more you, a human being? This issue is no joke. For Ghana to accept this? It won’t be a joke,” she stated.

Ohemaa Mercy used the example of how even canines avoid mating with other animals of the same sex to illustrate her argument.

The singer of “Ote me mu” outlined some severe repercussions the nation would experience if the practice were to be accepted as evidence to support her views.

“If we are a Christian country and we fear God, we shouldn’t incur God’s wrath. If we think other countries have accepted it, then let’s not forget that Ghana is a small country. God’s wrath will destroy us all. We are against it and we are standing against it for the next generation. If we accept this, the country will be destroyed. It is not a good thing, it is God’s taboo. LGBTQ can destroy a nation and permit Satan to rule over it,” she stressed.

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