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Actress Lydia Forson has vented his spleen on the Church of Pentecost after they announced a three-day fast in order to stabilize the Ghana cedi.

The Chairman of the Church has requested that the fasting and prayer period start on November 10 for members of the Church of Pentecost.

Members are instructed to pray and plead for the country and the international community in the midst of the economic crisis according to a communiqué signed by Apostle Eric Nyamekye.

“The fasting and prayers, which are scheduled to end on Sunday, November 13, will be observed on the theme: ‘So we fasted and petitioned our God about this, and He answered our prayer’ (Ezra 8:23), all assemblies have been asked to go about their existing programmes for the week, nonetheless, these prayer and fasting sessions may be fused with any existing programme scheduled for the week.

“All Area Heads and ministers are to get involved and organise these meetings at any convenient level that will yield the maximum result, the communique added.

Lydia Forson  responded to the directive with a series of tweets, asking why the church didn’t utilize its influence to hold the government accountable in addition to fasting and prayer.

The actress believes that while prayer is important, the church must also utilize its influence to promote better living conditions for its members.

She advised the church to utilize its influence to bring the government to account rather than to further its own interests.

The “Keteke” movie actor believes that the church no longer automatically cares about the people or upholds a moral code.

She claimed that because of how things have evolved, no one should expect the church to really genuinely care about its members.

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