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Dr Kofi Amoah, also referred to as Citizen Kofi, has indicated that one of the many ills of the Ghanaian economy is the poor remuneration given to workers.

He said for the Ghanaian economy to be turbocharged for real economic progress, there should be a total review of salaries and wages.

Dr Amoah, the CEO of Progeny Ventures, believes the poor salaries and wages have fuelled worker indiscipline and petty corruption.

He has thus admonished politicians to desist from making unrealistic promises to a few sectors of the Ghanaian workforce which is only aimed at getting them elected into office.

Rather he wants a national conversation and decision on poor wages and how it can be addressed to revive the ailing economy.

Reacting to a new item on GhanaWeb where the former president and flagbearer of the NDC John Mahama was promising to pay allowances to Assembly members, Dr Amoah wrote on X, “Please, let’s slow down on promises for votes. Haven’t we learned lessons yet? Ghana is broke, on an IMF, China, Eurobond and Domestic Savers Leash Many people are underpaid resulting in very low productivity. We need TOTAL wages review to push productivity up and grow the economy.”

Further expanding on his point, Dr Kofi Amoah who was the Chairman of the AFCON 2008 Local Organizing Committee said,

“Low Salaries and wages across the board in Ghana fuel unacceptable productivity levels, worker indiscipline and some petty corruption. We need a comprehensive review of all salaries and wages in both the Public and Private sectors.

If workers respect and appreciate their salary levels, they will take their jobs seriously, work harder and push up productivity to turbocharge the economy

Most people’s salaries are unable to cover their minimum overheads and hence have to resort to “other means” to make ends meet.

This issue is at the core of Ghana and Africa’s lack of growth and we need a comprehensive and wholesale review and correction, not a one-off promise to a target group for votes. All Ghanaians must weigh in on this non-political but financial and existential matter that has impoverished us and rendered the essential ingredients of WORK and JOBS, the nuts and bolts of economic and social development, moribund.

We must pay workers well, commensurate with the expected productivity levels to warrant progress and profitability for companies and gradual and consistent increments of worker salaries to keep pace with inflation and serve to guarantee the actualization of people’s dreams of homeownership, proper healthcare, education etc through the mechanisms of hard work with good pay.”

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