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Great Ampong, a gospel singer, has refuted rumors that his most recent song, Onyame Akatua, which was published on January 25, is a diss track against Daddy Lumba, a famed Highlife performer.

When Great Ampong said during an interview on Happy FM that he will be dropping a song for the Yene Wo Sere Kwa hitmaker, it’s possible that he contributed significantly to the idea that Onyame Akatua is a retaliation to Daddy Lumba.

Great Ampong claimed in the interview that Daddy Lumba’s camp had told him the singer of Aben Wo Ha was in the studio crafting a diss track for him.

Ofo Na Edi Asem Foo was then made available to the public.

When music producer Roro shared Onyame Akatua excerpts on his social media pages over the past weekend, the two music legends became the topic of social and traditional media.

Great Ampong introduces the song by describing a person who has been given a health issue as a punishment by God for defrauding people.

The song is immediately interpreted by listeners as Great Ampong’s reply to Daddy Lumba’s Ofo Na Edi Asem Foo song, which was published earlier in January 2023.

The Adom Wo Whim artist, however, made it clear during a conversation with Graphic Showbiz that his new song has nothing to do with his allegedly tense relationship with Daddy Lumba.

“My new song is not a diss to Daddy Lumba and that is the truth. Yes, I will respond to him later but what I want people to understand is that Onyame Akatua is not targeted at anyone, especially Daddy Lumba.”

“This song carries a general message to listeners. Should I do a song for Daddy Lumba, I will boldly mention his name. When I did a song for Nana Akufo Addo, I mentioned his name. So, what will stop me from doing so now?” he questioned.

Ampong claimed that he was enthusiastic about events that occurred before the publication of Onyame Akatua and believed that God was at work in them.

“Everything happens for a good reason. I’m happy that this is happening because it has brought lots of attention to my new song. I’m granting lots of interviews because of this and that is good for the promotion of the song,” he said.

It is noted that Daddy Lumba and Great Ampong once got along well; in this instance, the two actively participated in the New Patriotic Party’s election campaign (NPP).

The relationship got stronger, and the two even recorded an album together that included hits like Father and Son, Wotumi Ye Kese, Wo Din No Yekese, and Hossana.

However, the relationship between the two men appeared to be strong until Great Ampong openly accused Daddy Lumba of defrauding him of album sales.

He revealed at the time that when the CD was released in 2015 at the Glorious Wave International Church in Tema, Daddy Lumba allegedly pocketed all proceeds.

People immediately connected Daddy Lumba’s Ofo Na Edi Asem Foo response to Great Ampong’s earlier remarks because of this previous incidence.

Similar to how Onyame Akatua’s release was interpreted as a response to Lumba It’s interesting to note that Daddy Lumba has refuted claims that his song is directed towards a specific group of people. In a broadcast on DL FM on Tuesday, January 24, which was watched by Graphic Showbiz, he made it clear that his song was not intended to be directed at any specific person.

“I want people to understand that as a musician, you must not always think about yourself when composing a song. You should bear in mind what everyone can relate to, and that is what will make the song popular,” he added.
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