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In a strongly-worded public post, the Chairman of Doscar Group, Oscar Yao Doe revealed that there is a deliberate aim by certain individuals in the Ghana economic sector to hurt him, and subsequently stop him from accessing credit in the Ghana banking sector.
This revelation is coming on the heels of the revocation of Unibank Ghana Limited, where Oscar has a pending credit transaction that the Receiver appointed for the bank, as well as the Bank of Ghana have yet to reconcile, several months after.
In his post, labeled ‘The Destruction of Indigenous Banks, Local Businesses,Well-To-Do Individual Ghanaian Business Owners (Dr. Ndoum, Duffuor Family, Kofi Amoaben Family, Ato Essien Family, The Awuah Darko Family Etc.) They Say We Should Fear! Fear Who? Fear What?,’, Oscar revealed different examples of decision-summersaults, taken taken by the current runners of the Ghanaian economy, that have leading to economic chaos.
Read his post below..
“As a corporate executive, business owner and a father of community, I came to the conclusion that everybody has their own hidden interest in every situation. This is classically the human nature. It’s hiding in everyone, including myself. Therefore, any leader (who wants) to succeed (always has to) ask critical questions before arriving at decisions. (As a leader) if you make your decisions based on the opinion of other people, they will mislead you to make wrong decisions. And you can even be trapped by making your friends, enemies.
Example 1: The President relied on the opinion of former Energy Minister, Hon. Boakye Agyarko to make decision on the AMERI Deal which went wrong. Reading the document carefully, and asking critical questions could have aided the president to have clarity on the matter.
Example 2. The President also relied on the advice and opinion from our usual degree holders top advisors for the PDS Deal, which also went wrong. And it has brought a big challenge on the government.
It is also now clear that a certain element within the finance ministry( MOF), and the Bank of  Ghana (BOG), allowed KPMG & Nii Amanor Dodoo to use KPMG in twisting an incomplete audit report, which led to the collapse of several indigenous banks. This is THE TRUTH! You can see ego, show them where the power is. You can see clear vendetta in making this decision!
And then, they appointed Nii Amanor Dodoo as Receiver to cover up his own deeds! Why not appoint a neutral person as a Receiver to validate KPMG Audit for the good Of Ghana. What stops them from rescuing this indigenous banks and local businesses. Even if there was indiscipline, even if they were facing financial difficulties. That would have been the best decision for Ghana! Save them and then tightening regulations; including implementing new tough rules and regulations for the future.
Example 3: Can you imagine I was told 3 million US Dollars paid in 2015 towards my loans at Unibank has been tracked to a ledger? Another ledger, perhaps millions of ledgers, as if I was the treasurer of Unibank or I turned myself into a spirit to put the money in my Account. Or I hacked into Unibank computers to lodge the money Nii Amanor Dodoo is claiming into my account. This is unheard off (completely alien). I have multiple examples of my dealings that I can refer to with ith clear evidence, which doesn’t make sense.
I just even discovered recently that some irresponsible, faceless people at BOG have placed fictitious records at the Central Banking Credit Control, showing that I am in indebtedness to Unibank (to the tune of) over 8 Million. This aim is designed to hurt me so that I wouldn’t be able to access credit in the banking system in Ghana. Weird!
Meanwhile, I have paid my personal loans at Unibank since the bank was subjected into administration. I have also settled my other obligations towards other banks, which is also under receivership. Payment were made directly into the Receiver’s bank account, and there is ongoing reconciliation with the Receiver, in which the Receiver and BoG have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt, bad faith in resolving the outstanding matters.
So, I asked BoG to explain or give further clarity and I am yet to receive a response! I am waiting. They better response fast! Who knows? Who cares?
Is this the kind of mindset for the 21st Century? Can this kind of reasoning unleash prosperity ? Can this kind of actions from people in strategic positions take Ghana to a premium economy status? Time will tell.
I made a strong case in a letter to the Governor  of Bank of Ghana (BoG). The 1st Deputy Governor,  2nd Deputy Governor and also copied the Presidency and other stakeholders, challenging the Bank of Ghana. If this is the analogy. If this is how KPMG, led by Nii Amanor Dodoo arrived at their figures. Or if this is the trend they used to deal with. And was that what they used to destroy our indigenous banks and local  businesses? Then there is a red flag!!
Let’s go deeper and find out what really occurred during the audit; for the sake of Ghana, and for posterity. Because Ghana is not the property of an individual. It is not the property of a particular tribe. It is not the property of a particular family, not even the President. Therefore, there is an obligation on appointed officials to make decisions in the interests of Ghana Only. Ghana is for all Ghanaians. We have an obligation and responsibility to make decisions that take everyone on board regardless of their mistakes and shortcomings.
Rescuing and saving our indigenous banks and local businesses could have been the better option if the decisions were made fairly with compassion, forgiveness, caring, for the sake of not pushing out our own people, Ghanaian business owners, and well-to-do Ghanaians into the wilderness, empty-handed.”
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