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Singer, KiDi recently said that after deciding to stop making music in March of this year, his life underwent a dramatic turnaround.

The well-known musician, widely known for his famous song “Odo,” spoke out about how this much-needed vacation gave him a useful opportunity for introspection in an exclusive conversation with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz.

He went into detail about how he overcame the difficulties of coping with online trolls and the false rumors that frequently surface on the internet.

KiDi had a profound mental change during his well-earned break, which resulted in substantial personal growth and a better understanding of himself.

He made it apparent that his transformation from the person he was in February to the person he is today has occurred during his time away from the bright limelight, and that this positive and transformative progress is on display.

During his break, KiDi came to the important insight that trolls on social media shouldn’t be taken seriously.

He now realizes that many people who behave negatively online are probably projecting their frustrations and unhappiness onto others, particularly famous people like himself.

“I now know that when people come on social media and say the things they say, it’s not really about me. Some of them are unhappy in life. If you are unhappy, you take that out on anything and everything,” he said.

False rumors that KiDi had experienced a stroke started to spread during that time. He quickly used his social media channels to refute these erroneous statements and clarify the situation regarding his health.

KiDi took the required time to concentrate on his well-being since he understood the value of self-care for both his physical and mental health. He declared that he is totally recovered and more than prepared to once again fully pursue his passion for music with a renewed feeling of enthusiasm and purpose.

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