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S3fa has passionately defended her fellow stars, saying they are not unfriendly and uninviting as some would have it seem.

She spoke on Accra 100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo, Thursday, September 28, 2023.

Host Nana Romeo said some people hold that Ghanaian stars intentionally barricade themselves against their fans while in public.

“Sometimes, it is just the bouncers and security [personnel] doing their job,” S3fa reacted. “It has nothing to even do with the artiste.”

She strongly noted that contrary to opinions held by some, Ghanaian stars are friendly and interact with fans they encounter randomly in public spaces, even granting some photo opportunities.

“They do that all the time,” she said. “I do it all the time. I’ve seen other artistes, that go for shows, do it all the time.”

However, the E Choke hitmaker quickly added: “If you give people the chance all the time to get very close, they get very personal.”

Here, she cited, being “touched inappropriately” at some shows because she was open to fan interactions, saying: “Oh, let them come, let them come.”

S3fa said, unfortunately, this friendliness sometimes ends up in people wanting “to touch your a**, people want to touch your breast – like people want to be rowdy with you”.

The Black Avenue Muzik star cautioned that: “In as much as you’re doing what you love, and you love people, you have to be very careful.”

She emphasised Ghanaian artistes are some of the friendliest people. You know I won’t lie to you. You know I’m very frank.”

In fact, she made the observation that Ghanaian acts, unlike their Nigerian counterparts, are simply wary to not step on the toes of their fans fearing to lose them.

It is “because we want your love – we want you to support us,” she explained.

“So if you check very well, the Nigerian artistes are able to free their minds online. They’ll still have people supporting them,” she noted.

“But for Ghanaians, it’s very difficult for an artiste to free their minds because they fear that they may offend fans with their words.

“It’s because of that thing that has been instilled in us to be respectful and do this and do that.

“Anytime you go for shows, they are so friendly even more than the Nigerians so that [impression] is cap [untrue],” the singer insisted.





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