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Aunty of Ghanaian actress Ella Mensah, Joyce Dankwa has been brutally assaulted by her co-tenants at Lapaz in Accra.

Mrs. Joyce Dankwa sustained serious injuries all over her body following an attack by her co-tenants named Kofi Ntim and his wife Akua Dufie with the wife allegedly pouncing on her and beating her to pulp.

Mrs. Dankwa has lived with Kofi Ntim and Akua Dufie in the same house for years but they have not had a good relationship.

She disclosed that the co-tenants have been accusing her of being a witch.

“Our issues began when I came to live in the house. Kofi Ntim and Akua Dufie have not been comfortable staying with me and has on countless times made petty complaints and arguments about how I want to let the landlord eject them from the house. They also accuse me of bewitching them. I have not done anything bad to them but they incessantly keep accusing me of things I know nothing about. I remember a time came that Akua Dufie and her husband said if anybody dares to get them out of the house, they will kill that person. So, we have our issues but this assault happened on Monday when I was going to the bath house,” she said in an interview with

Narrating the incident which occurred on Monday, May, 4, 2020, the victim revealed she returned from town and was in her room when Akua Dufie came out from her apartment shouting at her because she (Dufie) had seen an animal dung in the house.

She continued that the co-tenants have been verbally abusing her but she has done her best to avoid any altercations with them until last Monday when she was going to take her bath that Akua Dufie suddenly swooped down on her and swore to ‘kill’ her.

“She said there was something on the floor in the house that she believes is juju and that I have planted it there against them. I didn’t pick a quarrel with her but went to sweep the dung away and went back to my room. This was last Saturday. On Monday morning, I was going to take my bath but realized Dufie was in the bath house and as result I decided to go some place else where I could bathe. I was fetching water from a barrel when all of sudden, she pounced on me and sank my head deep in the water, and started casting aspersions that she will kill me before they (Dufie and her husband) go to their grave. I was suffocating and in attempt to defend myself, I struggled with her till I slipped and fell on the ground. She didn’t stop but beat me up aggressively.”

Ella Mensah’s aunty further told Peacefmonline that her assailant used a metal rod to repeatedly strike her and it had to take the intervention of some rescuers to stop the bloody assault on her.

The assault victim also disclosed she will have to undergo plastic surgery due to the degree of injuries inflicted on her.

She has filed a complaint with the Tesano Police Station and Kofi Ntim and her wife Akua Dufie will be arraigned before court on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 for justice to take its course. also spoke with actress Ella Mensah who is currently in America because of the closure of Ghana’s borders due to CODID-19, and she expressed her anger and how inhumane some people can be. Ella has vowed to do everything in her power to make sure those who assaulted her aunty are punished.

Ella however added that she has been communicating with officers in charge of the case at the Tesano Police station and they seem to be dragging their feet and being reluctant in handling her aunty’s case but she would make sure her aunty gets justice.

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