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Media personality, Afia Pokuaa popularly known as Vim Lady has dropped her two cents on the rants of rapper Medikal and his colleague, Shatta Wale against television presenter, MzGee.

Following an interview that was recently telecasted live on UTV hosted by MzGee, Medikal went on a rampage raining insults on MzGee and the management as well as executives of Despite Media all because Medikal claims the line of questions did not sit well with him, therefore, it was unnecessary to his brand.

Shatta Wale also took to social media to use unprintable words against MzGee and that has really sparked uproar in the media landscape and social media with many condemning his reactions.

In a recent post by Vim Lady on her Instagram page, the journalist pointed to the fact that Medikal could have reached out to MzGee’s boss if the interview didn’t augur well for him so his grievances would be heard and addressed accordingly.

She opines that MzGee has been unfairly attacked and decried the level of entitlement some popular Ghanaian figures keep parading themselves around with regarding how media personalities and firms should carry out their job.

She wrote;

“The attacks on MzGee is completely unfair and somewhat reckless.
Granted that broadcasters don’t always ask perfect questions because like every profession, we are imperfect too but insulting a person, even extending it to her bosses just because you disagree with her line of questioning is plan unacceptable.
When did we become so entitled that interview questions should be determined by the standards of the fanbase?
If we all keep quiet this trend will get out of hand.
It started with football fans attacking sports commentators when commentaries didn’t favor them, then it continued to current affairs political program hosts who are insulted and threatened because interview questions don’t favor their parties.
Now, we are all looking on while an innocent woman who was simply doing her job is attacked even to the point of dragging her HUSBAND and family into the mud.
Is it, not a known custom in showbiz that celebrities’ private lives are equally 6?
Has there not been several instances where celebrities have used their private lives and relationships as a marketing tool to increase their brand value?

When broadcasters sit behind the microphone or camera, there is a whole team made up of producers and directors who determine the questions and issues to be addressed yet people want us to stand aside and watch while one woman is nailed to the stake. For what?
Granted that MzGee didn’t ask the best of questions, will insulting her correct any errors that were supposedly made in the interview?
The whole of Ghana is invested in the Medika brand and after the successful O2 event the brand should only grow higher anyone with knowledge of branding will tell you NETWORKING AND RELATIONSHIPS have more value and yield higher equity when you maintain it over the long term.

Just one call from Medikal to Fada would have placed his concerns and feedback before the proper office and maintained the network and relationship.
Medikal, you are so talented and loved so let no one limit your vision to what appears in front of you today but focus on the bigger picture the growth potential of your brand.
There are many ways to k*ll a cat”

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