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THE CHURCH MEMBERS ARE GREEDY – Afia Schwar Reacts To Nana Agradaa Money Doubling Scam

Afia Schwarzenegger, typical of her, has subtly thrown her weight behind Nana Agradaa for scamming her church members of various sums of money under the guise of doubling it for them.

As deduced from previous videos shared online, Nana Agradaa’s disgruntled followers said they believed her words and had given her various quantities of money in the hope of receiving multiple folds as she had promised.

But alas, that wasn’t meant to be after she scammed them of their money and quickly went into hiding but was later arrested by the police as shared in a previous report.

Afia Schwarzenegger, who also offered her opinion on the situation, stated that what transpired was entirely the fault of the churchgoers who congregated there to participate in the swindle.

“Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, did not take money from people in the church. Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray did not double money for people in the church.

So, if you willingly and greedily gave out your money to someone to spend, thank God. At least we have been able to fish out the stupid people in our midst. I don’t believe Agradaa did that but even if she did, God bless her abundantly,” Afia was heard saying in a Tik Tok live video.

“I just hope that Ghana Police is not going to waste our taxes, my taxes on stupid things like this,” Afia added.


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