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Popular Ghanaian musician, Okyeame Kwame expressed his concerns about the declining state of the economy, coupled with the widespread issue of unemployment, which has driven many citizens to seek opportunities abroad.

He highlighted the high rate of unemployment in the country, where a significant portion of graduates struggle to find readily available jobs after completing their education.

This, according to him, has become a major factor pushing people to emigrate in search of better prospects.

The musician placed some of the blame on Ghanaians themselves, citing a strong preference for white-collar jobs, which are limited in the country.

He emphasized that many are unwilling to pursue technical and vocational careers that offer more immediate opportunities in Ghana.

“I feel there is hardship in the country. They don’t have a choice, where would they work? So I feel that we’ve faltered somewhere.”

When asked about the reasons behind the recent surge in emigration, Okyeame Kwame explained how the pursuit of white-collar jobs among graduates has contributed to mass unemployment and the resulting hardships faced by Ghanaians.

“Every year about 100,000 people complete their first degrees and diplomas and only 10% get white-collar jobs. The remaining 90% join graduate unemployment programs. With the economy Guggisberg left for us and how the late President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah wanted to make technical and vocational education more vibrant, we couldn’t continue. Everyone is more interested in white-collar jobs,” he said.

He continued: “Everyone wants to work at the MTN office, ministries, and lawyers. My father wanted me to become an accountant by all means because in his mind if you don’t do a white-collar job he doesn’t feel glorified and pleased enough.

“Jobs like carpentry, rap, camera work, and editing those jobs are readily available but we’ve decided not to do it. All our leaders are into white-collar jobs so we want to be like them,” Okyeame Kwame said in an interview with Angel FM which GhanaWeb monitored.

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