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WE’VE BEEN SIDELINED – Late Ga Manye’s Family Defends Injunction Against Funeral

The family of the Ga Manye, Naa Dedei Omaedru III, has threatened to stop the Ga Traditional Council from going ahead with the funeral service of their bereaved relative.

According to the group, the Traditional Council has pushed them aside from the preparations of the funeral despite several calls for engagement.

The family head, including six other persons, secured an interim injunction against the funeral, scheduled for Saturday, October 28.

However, a member of the funeral committee, Nii Ayikoi Otoo, insisted that the funeral would go on as planned because they had not been served with the injunction.

In an interview with Umaru Amadu Sanda on Eyewitness News on Citi FM, a member of the Ga Manye family, Abdul Salam, admitted that the Ga Traditional Council is yet to be served with the injunction.

He said the injunction is against both the remains and the funeral.

“We decide who to sue, if the suit fails, it should come from the court. The people [Ga Traditional Council] don’t have respect for the family. We will serve them with the injunction. The injunction is not just on the body, but also the funeral.” he said.

Abdul Salam explained that they turned to the law court after the Ga Traditional Council failed to partner with the family in the preparations for the funeral.

“The choice to go to the court is that our elders at the Ga Traditional Council, the funeral committee, have refused to reason with us,” he said.

“And it is, as though, people are using power rather than the law, and we have been told time without number that the remains of our mother and queen belong to the state. And continuously, we have been told of this, but the fact is the remains belong to the wider family, that is the position of the law. We are talking about Naa Dedei Omaedru III, it’s our job as a family to also invite the Traditional Council because it is from the family that we elected and enstooled our mother and gave her for service to the state.”

He added, “It is our belief that it should be a partnership between the family and the Ga Traditional Council. However, they are pushing us aside. We have been cautioning them to slow down so that we can talk and find a way forward, but our calls have fallen on deaf ears. The body is with the family, and not with them. It is the family that sent the body to the morgue. Everyone knows that the body is with us, but they have said that with or without the body, they will continue with the funeral.”

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