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Sonnie Badu’s assertion that pork is bad has been refuted by Kumchacha legally known as Rev. Nicholas Osei, the General Overseer of the Heavens Gate Ministries

Kumchacha, who describes himself as a passionate fan of pork, criticized Sonnie Badu for making disparaging remarks about the delicacy, which in his opinion is permitted to humans by the Bible.

Kumchacha responded to the charges made by the founder of RockHill Chapel, saying that the latter lacks the authority to criticize pig eaters given his extensive body art.

He asserted that Sonnie Badu based his allegations on the book of Leviticus but omitted the passage that criticizes the various tattoos he bears.

“What Sonnie Badu said was quoted from the book of Leviticus. He quoted Leviticus 11. But he failed to add verses 19-28, which speak against tattoos. It said we shouldn’t draw tattoos of either the living or the dead on our bodies. He was able to talk about the part of Leviticus which focuses on pork but left out the part which spoke against the tattoos he has all over his body.

“In Deuteronomy, the Bible permitted God’s people to eat pork. I want to tell Sonnie Badu that even the pork isn’t enough for us. We are not getting more of it these days. Pork is for the rich,” Kumchacha told Kingdom FM’s Fiifi Pratt.

Meanwhile, some members of the gospel fraternity have disagreed with Rev. Sonnie Badu’s claims.

Earlier, gospel singer, Celestine Donkor described as frivolous, Sonnie Badu’s claims that pork exposes one to demonic attacks.

“We cast demons out of human beings. Does it mean that humans are demonic? I don’t believe it, to be honest, I don’t. you can tell someone to go and trim his hair because the bushy hair has covered his sense. It doesn’t make sense. If you say because someone eats pork he or she is possessed, it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t,” she stated on United Showbiz.

Some netizens have alleged that pork is usually highly patronized by Christians.

In an earlier phone-in discussion on CastleFM, a caller said,

“Right now, among Christians the meat that they patronize the most is pork so when they close from church and you happen to be at a marketplace and you see the way they’ve lined up buying the pork it is not easy at all.

“I believe that it is not consuming pork that will make Christians go astray because there are Christians who have never eaten pork before but that person might not be having a good spirit.”

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