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YOU’RE NOT A PREACHER, YOU’RE A WITCHDOCTOR – Prophet Oduro Slams Kyiri Abosom

Reverend Christian Kwabena Andrews alias Osofo Kyiri Abosom has incurred the wrath of his fellow man of God, Prophet Kofi Oduro as the latter described the former as a witch doctor rather than a preacher.

His criticism comes after Kyiri Abosom publicly admitted to having an affair, which is why his wife decided to end their marriage.

Prophet Oduro believed that the arrogance, lack of regret, and shame with which his colleague confessed to sexual immorality in front of the congregation was unworthy of a man of God.

“Let this nonsense and the madness that has come into the body of Christ stop. For a preacher to stand on a pulpit to say that I have made a baby out of wedlock, what kind of nonsense is that?

“I am telling you that is not a church, that is a shrine. You are not a preacher, you are a witch doctor, you are an astrologer; a palm reader. You are a fetish, the founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministries said while preaching to his congregation members.

He continued by saying that the way Kyiri Abosom went about telling his wife he was divorcing her and boasted about his adultery was disrespectful to both God and the woman’s family.

“When a preacher stands in the pulpit to divorce a woman, that is disrespectful to the Holy Spirit and to womanhood. You took the woman from her parents so if you have respect as a man of God you will go back to and present your drink,” Prophet Oduro stated.

He continued by bemoaning the impunity with which Kyiri Abosom and other so-called pastors continue to defame God’s name and the negative impact that their actions have on their sizable following.

“Nobody is able to rebuke them. I told you there are foolish pastors and foolish churches in Ghana and the reason why we cannot rebuke them is that our laws and the people that manage it do not have the moral right whatsoever to rebuke anybody because they are also in that madness. And therefore, when the blind leads the blind, they both fall into a ditch.

“If you are in a church where the pastor is able to engage in adultery and boldly proclaim it, I am telling you that you are not in a church, you are in the lion’s den. Bad teachings can send you to hell.”

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