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YVONNE NELSON NEEDS TO HEAL WELL — Clinical Psychologist Urges

Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur, a clinical psychologist has urged award-winning actress, Yvonne Nelson to seek professional and medical attention following the pain she endured in her early life.

He said individuals undermine the relevance of seeking professional help for their mental well-being due to the negative stereotype.

He saidFrom what I have read so far, particularly her relationship with her mother, Yvonne needs to heal more. I am not saying that she has any problem but from the book, if she hasn’t been able to heal properly, she needs to heal well otherwise she will pass on the pain to her kids.”

Besides, now that everything is out there, the bashing can worsen her own state so I’m sure probably, she has someone she talks to but whatever it is, she needs some kind of support from professionals she can trust to overcome the trauma to heal properly from whatever she is going through,” Dr. Arthur who doubles as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Ghana Psychological Association told Graphic Showbiz.

He urged celebrities in the country seek help anytime they find themselves in mental challenges.

According to him, “Celebrities are also humans so anytime they find themselves in mental challenges, they should seek help. The fact that you are seeking help doesn’t mean you are weak, it only means that you are human.”

Yvonne Nelson in her memoir “I am not Yvonne Nelson” launched at Peduase Lodge on Sunday, June 19, 2023, revealed that she aborted a pregnancy for Sarkodie in 2010 after a short relationship.

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