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BRING YOUR EVIDENCE – Edem Dares Sister Derby After Accusing Him Of Cheating On His Wife

Sister Derby and Edem’s feud worsened after she accused Edem of infidelity in his marriage.

Sister Derby claims that Edem picked up a friend of hers for the Global Citizen event late at night.

While his wife and children slept, he took her up. But, the woman in question chose an A-List performer instead of Edem when she arrived at the event.

In response, Edem challenged Sister Derby to present her proof and state the woman’s name.

He even asked her to tag the woman and all the information that would support her outrageous claims.

The beginning of this whole feud occurred when Sister Derby stood up for a young woman who had broken up with her boyfriend in order to dance at a recent concert by Nigerian artist Omah Lay.

Sister Derby stated the woman had done nothing wrong and had no need to come forward to offer an apology or an explanation.

Edem on the other hand was of the idea that if she didn’t appreciate the man while they were in a relationship, the same would transcend into marriage.



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