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Ghanaian actress and producer, Kafui Danku has reacted to a video of a woman who was caught by her boyfriend having a big cucumber with a condom around it in her bag exclaiming that his male organ is not enough for her.

Sharing her thoughts on the issue, Kafui Danku stated in a lengthy post on her Facebook page that enjoyment does not depend on size and also revealed that some men are actually big for nothing.

She urged men not to allow themselves to be pressured and frustrated by any woman because of the size of their manhood as she claims what will determine enjoyment for partners is communication.

In her words;

“This video is trending on social media …I don’t want to post the entire video here but this is gentleman caught his partner with cucumber which allegedly she’s been using for her “private business” and I’m tempted to share an opinion on PENIS size shaming .

I’ve heard women often times in real life and on social media critique men who may not be that “well endowed” thus bruising their egos. I can tell you that some men are actually big for NOTHING !
Enjoyment doesn’t necessarily depend on size. You could tell the guy in the video is frustrated and made mention of the fact that she has been complaining about him etc…

Guys, don’t let any woman pressure you about your size,that’s how you were created and you cannot come and kill yourself, but also note that there are several ways of enjoying s*x not just necessarily “pounding”
Women, stop Pen  size shaming….

Our body sizes , boobie sizes and the rest are not the same.
Ladies and gentlemen, on this note let’s remember that we’re different, we have unique sizes and shapes.
Let’s communicate when something isn’t going the way we want.
Communication can change a lot. Akpe.

#SizeShouldnotBeSoMuchOfABigDeal. Seriously whoever recorded the video to shame this woman won’t make it to heaven.” .



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