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A Dubai-based businesswoman who allegedly invested in the career of King Promise, is sticking to her decision to drag the musician to court.

A disappointed Yasmin Behzadi, reacting to a press release by the musician, rubbished accusations that she called him “a waste product” forcing him to leave her label.

“How can I be calling him a waste product…a product I believed in…” and invested some much money in, the businesswoman said on Hitz FM Wednesday.

Her response follows King Promise’s statement on Monday, October 22, denying claims by Yasmin that he had neglected her.

According to the musician, he was forced to leave the businesswoman because she called him a “waste product”.

The statement was after Ms. Behzadi threatened legal action after being sidelined by the musician whose career she claimed, she pumped so much money to help build. Famed for being the woman behind rapper Sarkodie’s clothing line, Sark Collection, the businesswoman is angry that King Promise does not recognise her for her immense contribution to his career.

She narrated that, after signing him and helping change his name from ‘Boy P’ to King Promise, she set up YB Records to help push the talented musician’s music.

According to her, she spent in excess of $150,000 on high budget music videos shoots in Dubai, travel expenses, luxury cars, Hollywood producers, and promotions.

But reacting to the allegations, King Promise said in a statement that, “Her [Yasmin Behzadi] claims of spending $150,000 was due to her own unilateral decisions and luxurious lifestyles, even if she indeed has spent that much.”

The statement alleged that the businesswoman treated the musician like a “puppet” and “Yasmin gave up along the line when her financial expectations were not being met, to the extent of calling King Promise ‘a waste product’.”

Reacting further to King Promise’s statement, Yasmin told Andy Dosty, host of Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that although “we all have our differences” she can’t call him a “waste product” because he was “a product I believed in from day one.” 

“I used to tell him that when you leave the house, make sure you look nice,” she said adding that she used to send him clothes for him look good. 

The businesswoman wondered if her advise to the musician to ensure he does not get any woman pregnant, is what makes “him feel I made him a puppet?”

Ms. Behzadi accused King Promise of being untruthful saying “he has forgotten that we signed a 360 deal… he should come out and tell the truth.”

According to her, she flew King Promise to Dubai, put him in a five-star hotel, recorded songs and shot high budget videos.

“Did he think it was going to be for free,” Yasmin asked.

“I’m not trying to take credit for Killbeatz and his hard work for King Promise,” she said. She, however, believes she deserves her due for her investments in the musician’s career.

“How can you be investing in a project and expect not to get returns on the investment…I don’t have an intention to bring the boy down….my intention is to fight for my right,” she said.

“If I wanted to bring Promise down, I would have done that a long time ago,” she added.

King Promise she said, signed to Killbeatz without her permission and “you had to go by law”.

“Maybe Killbeatz didn’t know that he had a 360 deal with me…,” she suggested.

Yasmin, forwarded to Andy Dosty, text messages King Promise allegedly sent to her on Nov 8, 2016, in which he promised buying her a car as a gratitude for all her investments.

In the said message, the musician acknowledged what she had done for him and told her not to feel he was cutting her off.

“We are going to meet in court…if you want to be greedy….then the only option is to go to court,” she threatened.


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